The SWA Team

Football doesn't need much to be enjoyed.

But to be mastered in this modern era, organizations must approach football through a custom lens of advanced predictive and statistical techniques.

It is our passion to bring this lens to organizations all over the world.




SW Analytics is the analytics engine powering professional football decision making.

In an environment awash with data, SWA does the heavy lifting. We algorithmically contextualize performance data and adjust to fit the principles, strengths, and needs of our clients. 

Move beyond limitations of data sources and capabilities with our creative solutions – reinforced by knowledge of the game, grounded in your philosophy. 


Play smarter. Win more.


proprietary software

SWA unlocks football data. Our proprietary technology allows us to produce unparalleled insights.

Technical skillset

We are industry professionals bringing computer science, data science, and mathematics to the footballing world.

Football is the final frontier in the sports analytic revolution. Least like the conventional analytic sports, the very nature of the game requires an informed statistical and technical background to successfully extract value from the noise.

SWA brings statistically rigorous insights to the table, allowing in-house deliberation to remain focused on the future of the club or organization.


Footballing mindset

Context and knowledge of the game are crucial for the development of creative and powerful analytic solutions.

As players and fans for decades, we know that numbers alone don't unlock football-specific answers.

Backed by various advisors – from players with experience in the World Cup and Champions League to luminaries from the biggest technology firms – SWA brings the highest level of experience to every analytic conversation and decision.

Focus your time and energy on meaningful decision making.


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