Products and Services

SWA is always innovating. 

For custom work not included below, reach out. We may already be building it out.

Valuation, Recruitment, and Transfers

Expectation Modeling. In addition to expected goals (xG), SWA goes further with custom expectation models for key metrics – passes, corner kick first touches, dribbles.

These models, built both across leagues and per-team, better reflect performance effectiveness of a player or team, independent of the actions of teammates and opponents.

Position-Specific Player Valuation. SWA evaluates players with traditional and custom derived criteria, uniquely aggregated in ways that reflect how the game is actually played.

Tactics and Performance

Moment-Based Analysis. Measure with statistical significance how a team reacts to key moments in a game – goal-for, goal-against, yellow card, substitution, etc. – compared to the regular run of play. Know how a team reacts to gain the strategic advantage.

Pass Sequence Analysis. A team's style of play intrinsically depends on how a team passes the ball. Quantify tempo, directness, circuity, and more, while simultaneously identifying the key player connections and sequences a team relies on throughout a game.

Analytics Reporting. Automated performance reports that combine traditional KPI with tailored SWA insights.

Progress, often quantified by momentous victories, is built through a series of small, consistent wins.