Products and Services

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Valuation, Recruitment, and Transfers

Expectation Modeling. In addition to expected goals (xG), SWA's robust platform includes custom expectation models for any imaginable key metric – passes, corner kick first touches, dribbles.

These models, built both across leagues and per-team, improve decision making by helping coaches and staff better evaluate the performance effectiveness of a player or team, independent of the actions of teammates and opponents.

Position-Specific Player Valuation. SWA evaluates players with traditional and custom derived criteria, uniquely aggregated in ways that reflect how the game is actually played.

Tactics and Performance

Moment-Based Analysis. Measure with statistical significance how a team reacts to key moments in a game – goal-for, goal-against, yellow card, substitution, etc. – compared to the regular run of play. Know how a team reacts to gain the strategic advantage.

Pass Sequence Analysis. A team's style of play intrinsically depends on how a team passes the ball. Quantify tempo, directness, circuity, and more, while simultaneously identifying the key player connections and sequences a team relies on throughout a game.

Analytics Reporting. Automated performance reports that combine traditional KPI with tailored SWA metrics and insights.



Progress, often quantified by momentous victories, is built through a series of small, consistent wins.