Product Offerings


SW Analytics harnesses the raw power of detailed data sources – x,y co-ordinate event data, player salaries, cumulative per-team and per-player performance data, lineups, and more – by using advanced statistical techniques to create meaningful, actionable insights for owners, coaches, and players.


Moment Based Analysis

Measure with statistical significance how a team reacts to certain moments in a game – goal-for, goal-against, yellow card, substitution, etc. – compared to the regular run of play. Knowing how a team reacts is a massive strategic advantage.

Pass Sequence Analytics

A team's style of play intrinsically depends on how a team passes the ball. Quantify tempo, directness, circuity, and more, while simultaneously identifying the key player connections and sequences a team relies on throughout a game.

Player Indexing 

Compare players to prior versions of themselves, to teammates, or to other players. Define how a player is similar, better, or worse than his comparison. Use results to highlight which players should be on the field and in your roster.



Self Belief Inventory

Understand what makes a player tick – how he prepares and how he performs. Key for both recruiting and player development. As measuring one's self beliefs opens up the possibility for focused growth and maturation.

"Similar Players" Algorithm

Select a player and define the dimensions (KPIs) that are most important to your coaching staff. SW Analytics' algorithm will identify players most similar to the selected player based on your criteria.