Product Offerings

SW Analytics harnesses the raw power of detailed data sources – Opta F24, Opta F9, player salaries, and more – by using advanced statistical techniques to create meaningful, actionable insights for owners, coaches, and players.


Moment-Based Analysis

Measure with statistical significance how a team reacts to certain moments in a game – goal-for, goal-against, yellow card, substitution, etc. – compared to the regular run of play. Knowing how a team reacts is a massive strategic advantage.

Pass Sequence Analytics

A team's style of play intrinsically depends on how a team passes the ball. Quantify tempo, directness, circuity, and more, while simultaneously identifying the key player connections and sequences a team relies on throughout a game.

Self Belief Inventory 

Understand what makes a player tick – how he prepares and how he performs. Key for both recruiting and player development. As measuring one's self beliefs opens up the possibility for focused growth and maturation