SW Analytics

Data Driven Football Evaluation and Forecasting

The Big Data Challenge


Getting value from data in football is hard.

Data alone is not enough to meaningfully improve actions of a club or organization. Aggregating and visualizing performance data is unproductive. 

Yet existing data providers and platforms do exactly this, forcing their clients to create the valuable insights they promise.

Insights arise from building context. Context requires an intimate understanding of football, the data analytic landscape, and how the two interact.

Everyone has data. The competitive advantage comes from how you choose to use it.

The SW Analytics Solution


We create value through our expertise in the football and analytic worlds.

SWA's frictionless analytic environment enables organizations to focus on questions at hand without becoming entangled in the process of finding answers.

We allow clubs to measure targeted performance metrics at a team and player level, understand their opponents as well as they know themselves, and confidently find players in the transfer market that fit.

We help brands and agents understand their clients – what makes them special, how they should be valued, and to which clubs they fit in the best.

SWA's partnerships are built on proprietary algorithms using performance data from any source.



Making everyone smarter, rather than being the smart guy in the room