SW Analytics

Data Driven Football Evaluation and Forecasting

The Big Data Challenge

In the footballing world, a remarkable information gap exists between detailed performance data and decisions being made by clubs every day.

Big data alone is meaningless. Insights arise from context and understanding the game and the team.

SWA fills this information gap with expertise that is applied at scale, extracting key and necessary insights based on team objectives and personnel needs.

Overcoming the Challenge

Clubs can make an immediate impact on the field when data-driven insights harmonize with team philosophy.

We are the experts working closely with your GMs, coaches, and players to illustrate how you can experiment and learn from your actions to gain an advantage over your competitors.

What we offer

SWA allows clubs to focus on the questions at hand – from individualized player valuation to comprehensive team and match analysis – without getting entangled in the process of finding the answers.

We work closely with clubs to identify their problems, partnering to provide actionable information from our propriertary algorithms and custom database.